• Kinga Peszko

The quarantine is slowly coming to an end, but there is always room for one more game. To help you better understand your survivalist personality type based on your response to the Coronavirus and the lockdown, I've designed nineteen personality types and a nifty little flowchart - to illuminate the darkness and hopefully make you smile.

The flowchart is far from an oracle - you might find that your personality is more complicated than a simple algorithm. Feel free to chuck it away and choose your identity yourself!

Enjoy and stay tuned to find out more about your type below!

Not sure which one you are? Fear not! Here's a flowchart for the perplexed:

Ready to find out more about your type? Keep on reading!

Feel free to share with your friends and family to find out their types. Remember, the key to survival is a strong and balanced team!

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